About Hands-On Gardening

My name’s Al. Hands-On Gardening is my blog website where I share my passion for gardening and arboriculture.

Why did I start this website? I like to try out and do gardening things for myself, and I really enjoy passing on what I’ve learned. My aim is to give you the most helpful information possible, so you’ll have ALL the knowledge you need to get gardening yourself.

In my day job, I’m involved in teaching, mentoring and academic research. I’ve feel like been studying all my life… but I can’t get enough of it! Recently, I completed a 3-year postgraduate Masters degree in education. My experiences will (I hope!) allow me to present information to you in a more helpful and understandable way than what you’ll find on other websites.

Did you know that a lot of scientific research goes on in the plant and tree world? Having a background in science, and experience in conducting academic literature reviews, I’m able to include this in my research. Where there’s an ‘evidence base’, I can use it to make you more confident that what you’re reading is scientifically accurate, and will work in the real world.

I really do hope you have a great experience on my site and will come back to read the new articles that I will be posting very frequently!

Get gardening, hands-on!